Wanted Poster at Holburn Station (London, UK)
Image by takomabibelot via Flickr

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Project Manager.

Job description:
1. Manage ongoing digital marketing activities with international and local clients
2. Find and manage suppliers and vendors
3. Work internally with development, creative and content professionals
4. Support sales and business development processes

We are located in Tel Aviv, Ramat Hachayal

Full time position

Our Ideal Candidate:

You have a strong passion for media, marketing, and getting others excited. You are a hard working self starter and motivated individual, who get things done. You solve problems, and are considered an out of the box and creative thinker.

You should also have experience in working with clients in Israel and abroad and with a variety of vendors and service providers.
We are a B2B/B2C digital agency, with publicly traded international clients. We believe that the relations between brands, companies and customers are changing fundamentally, and there is a need for a new breed of marketeers that understand different platforms, know how to integrate them, and how to create value to for customers and brands/companies alike.

If we work together, you will create and execute multi-platform digital and real life projects that challenge traditional advertising and PR industry.

Please send your CV to jobs@pravdam.com