Let’s face it – the B2B buyer experience is broken. We all feel it, we all know it, we all suffer from it, but we aren’t really doing anything about it.

As consumers we have come to expect service that is personalized, immediate and on-demand. Think about how we manage our days, we binge-watch shows and on-demand movies via Netflix, we buy instantaneously products on Amazon and can search for content on YouTube without even typing a word. We get what we want – when we want it and that experience resonates across most devices and platforms. It continues to amaze me, how my reading progress of Revolutionary Road syncs between my Kindle device, my Kindle app on my iPhone, and my Audible account. But, as soon as we delve into the B2B buying process, these experiences take a turn for the worst.

Which leads me to ask, why is it so hard to get a product demo? Why can’t I just watch the demo video without having to provide all my personal details? The same goes for gated content – and it’s driving me crazy. I feel like I am constantly receiving these generic newsletters that continue to “share” with me information about companies but they negate from providing me with information that meets my needs. In the morning when I open my email, my inbox is flooded with emails that are completely out of context for me and I truly don’t remember why or if I even registered to receive this content. I find myself spending so much time filling out form after form only to arrive to the stage where I am sieved out – if I qualify for your content. If I’m lucky, I get through to your SDR where I think I will be processed quickly, but no, I am asked a further set-of-series-of-questions that at this point I feel like my time is truly being wasted. And! To top it all off – why – why can’t I just get the data that I need to make a decision easily when it works for me? 

Now, I know lead qualification is crucial and SDRs need to increase overall sales efficiency and that content is expensive to create; but, I think what’s being overlooked is that “these” B2B buyers during the day are actually consumers at night. They expect and deserve to enjoy the same fluid and premium experience as those during the day. As B2B marketers it is our job to fix the buyer experience.

We have decided to bring back B2B Talks on September 24th at 6:30pm and open a panel discussion with the great marketing minds of Amdocs, NetApp, SysAid and Cyberbit

Join us and share your experience with like-minded marketers while you enjoy a drink on us. We will discuss the challenges, best practices and tools that can be used to fix the B2B buyer experience. Solutions ranging from digital funnels, integration of online and offline events and how to leverage partners into the mix.

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