Or in other words, can we continue with sales stack fragmentation?

Let’s think about it for a second.

Chili Piper offers a strong calendaring tool.
Salesloft offers a strong sales engagement platform.

Both companies are catering to the same users : B2B SDRs, BDRs, and AEs.

Salesloft offers a calendaring tool that fits nicely within cadence based engagement processes, but falls short when it comes to website based meeting scheduling and lead routing.

Chili Piper has a robust calendaring product, but I’m not certain that in the future it is enough to sustain an independent product.

Yes, you could integrate Salesloft and Chili Piper, but many of the companies we are talking with are not excited about the proliferation of sales stack tools.

Every tool that is added requires commercial relationship, legal process, onboarding, maintenance, configuration, and management. In fact, many of our customers are asking us to shut down parts of their stack instead of adding new tools to it.

So, should Salesloft acquire Chili Piper?