We’ve spoken to a lot of companies this year who are seeing an increase in meetings booked via calls and LinkedIn compared to emails. However, email is still a core part of the Outbound approach and likely always will be.

Writing emails is time consuming – it’s hours and hours of work and this is not time that sellers have in today’s environment.

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to enhance their outbound motions and one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The results are highly effective, human, and authentic. In some cases, prospecting emails generated by such tools can save up to 90% of your team’s time. 

Accelerate Email Content Creation with Advanced Generative Text Functionality

Recently, Salesloft, the platform for sales engagement and our long-standing partner, launched several new features including AI-driven text generation, to enhance seller productivity, and maximize revenue performance.

Combining AI technology and their expertise in sales engagement motions, this brand new tool can help sellers to faster create more effective emails, according to industry best practices by quickly deploying cadence templates and auto-generated emails. 

Sellers now have the ability to quickly transform a blank page into a persuasive email with an inviting value prop and call-to-action, unlocking their time for core selling activities and building pipeline. 

AI-driven Follow-ups for Revenue Generation

Another partner of PMG; 6sense, also has a Conversational Email AI driven platform that can automate an entire email flow as well as prospect follow ups and conversions by sending personalized emails to buying teams at scale. The AI agent engages and has conversations with contacts to get them interested in seeing a demo, or having a meeting with a human sales rep so they can drive that conversation forward. 

Every organization has those leads, contacts or accounts that are not followed up in a timely manner or not followed up with at all. There are various different reasons on why this may be the case, marketing could be running too many campaigns, the quality of contacts may not be the highest, or it could be time or budgeting constraints that prevent sales in engaging with such contacts.

Conversational Email’s AI follow ups with these contacts, ensuring that we are not missing out on revenue moments.

Essentially, it is possible to create an outbound campaign in minimal time, to relevant personas with the right value-prop and CTA, and everything will be done in the backend, allowing reps to focus on moving the needle and generating pipeline. 

Benefits of Using AI Tools in Outbound Emails:

Using AI tools in outbound emails can provide numerous benefits to businesses. Here are just a few of them:

Time-Saving: AI tools can automate many of the manual tasks involved in outbound email campaigns, A/B testing, and follow-up reminders. This saves time and allows sales and marketing teams to focus on other important tasks.

Increased Personalization – AI tools can help businesses create highly personalized emails that are tailored to the recipient’s interests and behaviors.

Writing Better Emails – With the help of AI, Sales teams can now create impactful emails that can be used at scale to a broader audience. 

No Leads Left Behind – Organizations often fail to follow up on leads, contacts, or accounts due to a variety of reasons, however with AI tools found in platforms such as 6sense and Salesloft, it has become far easier to reach these leads. 

Disadvantages of AI for Outbound:

Missing Human Touch: AI can definitely aid sales reps in their tasks, yet their knowledge and capabilities are essential to the sales process and can never be substituted.

It All Sounds The Same: Since the end of December, there was an exponential surge of almost 300% in the popularity of the search term “AI tools. This means, we can run the risk of our emails eventually all sounding the same. 

It’s An Investment: With so many new tools on the market, it is often difficult to decide which one would be best for your organization. Taking the time to assess which platform would better suit your needs is often not something that some businesses are able to do alone. 

What does this all mean for your organization?

Using AI tools such as Salesloft or 6sense’s Conversational Email tool in outbound motions can help your organization to automate and personalize emails as well as saving your reps time. Businesses can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns, reach a wider audience, and drive more revenue.

Any tool or technique that enables them to be more efficient and effective can assist them in focusing on their top priority: closing more deals.