I’m happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with Marketo as our marketing automation solution for companies selling to Enterprise buyers.

Selling to Enterprises requires an omnichannel, multi-touchpoint approach. Unlike selling to small businesses, or selling simple and cheap products, enterprise sales are complex, with a long sales cycle that combines online and offline activities. They are based on multiple tactics, both inbound and outbound.

Marketing automation is a fundamental element in every B2B marketing technology stack. Next to CRM, it is probably the most important tool for marketers to create smart, scalable, personalized marketing programs.

Why did you choose Marketo?

We chose Marketo as a partner due to its ability to fit and accommodate a complex sales process.

Some of the features that we love:

  1. Endless scoring and segmentation flexibility
  2. Strong and comprehensive Salesforce integration
  3. The ability to create and easily duplicate structured omnichannel marketing programs
  4. A sophisticated lead management mechanism
  5. A robust developers and users ecosystem

What’s in it for me?

Our team consists of marketers and geeks. This enables us to offer the following Marketo services:

1. Strategy and business case – a vendor agnostic analysis of whether marketing automation fits your company’s needs, and the expected ROI. This also includes a complete marketing technology stack review, and suggestions for additional tools that could be of use.

2. Implementation and operation – implementing and managing Marketo for your company – from setup to day-to-day operation.

3. Marketo-as-a-service – clients that are not interested in buying their own Marketo instance can enjoy the benefits of enterprise grade marketing automation features as a managed service.

4. Reporting and analysis – we’ve built an extensive set of cross channel and cross funnel dashboards that fully integrate with Marketo, in order to provide actionable insights to marketers and executives.

We see marketing technology as an integral part of an efficient and effective demand generation strategy. Therefore, the above mentioned services are provided in addition to our demand generation and ABM programs as  detailed in our website.

If you’d like to learn more about Marketo, and see if we can work together, feel free to contact us here.