As you know, intent isn’t worth a lot unless it is put in the hands of those who need it; in the hands of sales, marketing, revops and customer success teams. 

This is why an investment in the activation of intent is key to generating ROI from these (expensive) technologies. 

Turning Intent into Action

G2 recently released two powerful integrations that can turn their intent signals into immediate pipeline impact: 

G2 and 6sense – An Enhanced Predictive Model for Precision Targeting: While these platforms already had an integration in place, it was drastically improved with the latest integration release. Key additions include using G2 intent signals as part of 6sense predictive model, and adding more granular intent data in 6sense segment building capabilities. Now you can create a segment including only accounts that compared your solution to your competitor for example. 

    G2 and Gong – Contextual Engagement for Smart Sellers: Joint customers can now see G2 intent signals right in the Gong Engage timeline – helping smart sellers to engage with buyers in context of their interests. For example, a seller could see the person she is reaching out to just checked the category page in G2, and send out a thought leadership content piece or Gartner magic quadrant report that fits the interest of that buyer. 

    Maximizing Intent Investment 

    More often than not, we see companies that invest in intent technology but under utilize it. These integrations and use cases are simplifying the path to success with intent in your stack. As partners of all three vendors, it is great to see that they invest in developing the required features to do so. 

    Feel free to reach out in case you’d like to discuss your intent strategy and challenges.