Working with over 100 companies, we often see common challenges they face when trying to scale their go-to-market efforts, either by increasing revenue efficiency, going up market or to new verticals. 

These challenges include aligning with buyer interests, gaining visibility into client and prospect activities, turning data into actionable insights, and navigating the overwhelming number of sales and marketing tools available. Facing these challenges requires strategy, methodology, processes, tools, and the required change management and enablement to make it all work well together. 

To address these challenges, PMG has developed RevenueFlow, a comprehensive set of services designed to help companies selling to enterprise customers. 

RevenueFlow offers: 
1. A customer engagement strategy that seamlessly connects buyer and seller motions
2. Integration and data flow frameworks for enhanced visibility, stack optimization, consolidation, and insight generation
3. Change management, transformation services, onboarding and training.
4. Revenue technology selection, implementation and enablement 

PMG is also a trusted partner of leading revenue technology vendors such as 6sense, G2, Gong, Ebasta, Clari, Salesloft, and Drift, ensuring seamless implementation and cross-stack synergies. 

With RevenueFlow, PMG leverages its decades-long experience in creating and executing go-to-market programs.  We provide campaign templates, program best practices, and a deep understanding of how to activate these strategies effectively. 

Whether it’s leveraging intent data in outbound cadences, creating and implementing a cross-organization customer engagement strategy, defining and implementing meaningful reporting, or creating campaigns that resonate with customers’ needs, companies using RevenueFlow overcome the biggest challenge of GTM execution.