We’ve spoken with a lot of marketers over the years and we’ve found one common challenge among them: finding the right talent for their marketing organization.

What are some of the titles that are difficult to fill and qualities that are hard to find?

For Omri Tamir, SVP, Head of Business Operations at Datorama, the rise of the digital era has created a challenge to find Demand Managers and Marketing Analysts.

Mazal Galor, Marketing and Communications Manager at IBM Israel, looks for a multidisciplinary marketer who knows how to analyze data and the customer journey, who is creative, and who can link marketing to sales.

Efrat Fenigson, VP Marketing at Airobotics, considers whether it is more important for a marketer to be tech savvy and adapt to new tools, or for a marketer to be able to tell a story. For her, as long as a candidate has the core marketing skill set and the passion to learn new technologies, then that is the winning combination.

Nancy Shapira, Business Development Director at Gartner, says that the most important quality for a marketer is the ability to learn and to learn fast. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what a marketer knows today because in 6 months he or she will have to learn something else.

So to sum it all up, companies are looking for storytellers who are fast learners, love data and are passionate about marketing. Sounds easy, right?