We had a busy ABX filled week last week with 6sense, here’s an overview of what we were up to!

Breakthrough Breakfast

The setting could not have been more beautiful with the venue being one of the beachfront hotels in Tel Aviv. We enjoyed a tasty breakfast while listening to renowned B2B analyst, Kerry Cunningham, and Kfir Pravda, CEO at PMG, speak about account-based motions and how leading businesses are using AI to outperform pipeline goals, waste fewer resources, and drive more ROI from existing marketing spend. The event was invite-only and by the levels of engagement and interest – it was a hit for all!

CXO Dinner Club
During the exclusive invite-only executive dinner, there were open discussions between CROs and CMOs about the ever-increasing ABX challenges in the industry. Within the intimate and closed space, there were many in-depth talks where leaders were able to share successful global B2B revenue strategies, ABX strategy and talk about how to take these strategies into 2023. 

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