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Despite the power of the personal connection that social media marketing delivers – there’s still something missing in online marketing and PR – immediacy.

Whereas conferences, trade shows, and live events were once the primary focus of direct marketing – today, social networks and blogs are leading the charge. Just like face-to-face meetings at CEBIT, CES or COMDEX – today’s online discussions, personal conversations, and opinions affect the way potential buyers, investors, and reporters perceive and value products and services.

So, we’ve got the personal connection covered – nobody can argue that Facebook isn’t personal. But what’s missing for companies looking to supplant the costly trade show or conference marketing experience has been immediacy. Social media marketing has yet to effectively duplicate the immediate buzz factor of gathering interested parties in a room, making eye contact, and “wowing” them, Steve Jobs style, with new technology.

That is, until now (you did see this coming, right?).

Here’s how it works. On May 24, 2011, SHL Telemedicine, one of our clients, unveiled a new and truly revolutionary product. Smartheart is a small, lightweight, hospital-grade ECG device that connects to a patient’s iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. The product was unveiled at TechCrunch Disrupt, one of highest-profile startup events in the world, which took place in NYC, San Francisco and Beijing. Serious buzz factor potential – but mostly for those in the room, right?

Not exactly. Pravda Media Group created a real time marketing and PR umbrella for SHL Telemedicine, in order to maximize the online exposure, the value, and – especially – the immediacy of the TechCrunch Disrupt event.

By combining technology, a unique workflow and work methods, we managed to increase the resonance of the client’s messages. By identifying and reacting to feedback in real time, we helped SHL Telemedicine control the coverage and ongoing conversations surrounding the product launch – measurably contributing to the overall success in the event.

And the results were clear: Smartheart received excellent and positive press coverage, was mentioned in key publications such as the Washington Post, was covered by bloggers in the mobile and health sectors, and dominated the online conversation compared to other event participants.

The bottom line: it’s possible and highly worthwhile to radically expand the circle of impact for events, product launches, etc. It’s not simple – so plan ahead, and contract with an experienced provider. Adding immediacy to the personal online conversation – real time PR increases PR and marketing efficacy, raises brand awareness, and will ultimately positively impact sales. What’s not to like?

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