We love LinkedIn. It’s a key platform in every demand generation program that we run – for ourselves and our clients.

We love what IBM is doing with LinkedIn. Tomer Zuker became an unofficial LinkedIn ambassador, sharing his knowledge with the industry.

And last, but not least, we admire the astounding work done by the Israeli Export Institute in helping Israeli companies, large and small, up their game in the international markets.

That’s why it was great to share the stage with these companies last week, in front of more than 100 CEOs and marketing executives. The joint event had one simple goal – to help as many exporters harness the power of advanced digital marketing tools, techniques, and insights, to increase their competitive advantage in the global markets.

Tsur Shraibman from LinkedIn shared best practices for using LinkedIn’s paid advertisement solutions. He also mentioned that two excellent features are coming soon to sponsored updates:

  1. Conversion tracking – the ability to properly track conversions within LinkedIn’s ads systems.
  2. Email based targeting – this is a big one. Just like the capability to create custom audiences in Facebook, LinkedIn will offer the ability to target users based on their email addresses. This is a major feature when it comes to nurturing leads with more sophisticated methods than email campaigns.

Tomer Zuker shared his insights regarding how to create effective LinkedIn campaigns for content marketing and event promotion. Tomer Zuker He shared two important takeaways:

1. An integrated approach to online and offline marketing programs is crucial for success.
2. Not all networks are the same – use multiple social networks to attract and engage your audience based on the different stages of their journey.

I presented Pravda Media Group’s insights about planning, setting up and scaling demand generation programs. Kfir Pravda Kfir Pravda 2 The main points covered were:

1. Know your customer – the real competitive advantage companies have today.
2. If possible, build a target list of specific accounts you’d like to win.
3. Choose your channels, combining inbound and outbound programs.
4. Define your goals and how to measure them.
5. Build to scale – build a demand generation platform that will enable you to grow quickly as soon as you find the right action plan.
6. Plan, execute, measure, adjust – test your theories for real results. Once you know what works, put your ideas into action.

Unfortunately, the event was not recorded. However, if you’d like to receive my slides and have a chat about building this kind of programs, or our best practices for running LinkedIn programs, feel free to ping me.

We are running several B2B demand generation programs today, all taking advantage of LinkedIn’s unique capabilities to reach our target audience. We hope that this event helped others better utilize this platform.