Let’s face it – our job is becoming increasingly challenging. Demand generation it is. 

It has become harder to engage prospects in a meaningful, frictionless way. The reason is that, on-the-one-hand, those who sell are pushed to scale their effort and be efficient, while those who buy – just want to make the right decision and buy. 

This gap causes sellers to have to constantly try and engage with buyers early on. They also need to focus on if the buyer is a qualified buyer, using marketing automation flows and SDRs. Buyers are forced to spend time and effort to prove that they are worthy to ‘see a demo’, instead of just getting the answers they need to make a decision. 

Now clearly, the gated-content to SDR to account executive flow is an important flow when it comes to demand generation. 
But, there’s another way of carrying it out.  Creating a mechanism to enable buyers and sellers to engage flawlessly, on their own terms –  which is called conversational marketing. 

We teamed up with Drift for a webinar to discuss an emerging methodology and tools that can answer the challenges that makes both buyers and sellers lives so hard.

Join Kfir Pravda and Seamus McGrath from Drift  for a live webinar about conversational marketing on: Thursday, September 12th at 4PM IST.

At our joint webinar, you will learn:

1. What is conversational marketing?

2.  Which companies can benefit most from it? 

2. How are B2B companies today using this methodology to win business?

3. What are the biggest challenges in conversational marketing?

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