Last year, we began using SalesLoft as our sales engagement platform and followed up by partnering with them to share the wealth with our clients. We are continually impressed with the level of value the platform provides to its customers, its user features, insights, and the entire team’s commitment in solving complex user challenges.

SalesLoft is a comprehensive sales engagement solution that answers every sales team members’ needs in order to generate pipeline, close deals, and increase their customer share of wallet. 

Here, we run through the top 11 things we love about SalesLoft in more detail:

  1. It’s great for personalizing outreach emails and overall sales conversations by providing timely information about the account and their competitors
    This integration brings Owler insights directly into their sales engagement platform putting a lot of contextual insights in the sales reps fingertips. This makes it possible to quickly read the latest news about the prospect without leaving the SalesLoft dashboard, allowing the user to start the conversation with context. See the below video for an example of how easy it is!
  1. Everything is neatly integrated.
    It’s easy to quickly switch between outbound emails to call reporting and analysis, then switch to seeing open opportunities making it user-friendly which can make a huge difference to a working day.
  2. Using emails and content streams has never been easier.
    Integration goes beyond Salesforce. We’ve integrated Vidyard and Uberflip with SalesLoft, and now we are able to easily add videos to our outreach emails or create a full blown content experience stream from within SalesLoft. Less clicks, higher response rate. Check out the video for a demo:
  1. Cadences provide the needed infrastructure for your sales process.
    A SalesLoft Cadence is a repeatable series of steps that mimic the sales process, creating a consistent process. We noticed very quickly just how effortless it is to set-up cadences which include multi-channel touch points like LinkedIn, outbound emails, and calls. This makes it easier to run, monitor and optimize sales processes. The image below shows a multi-touch Cadence:

  2. It’s a great addition to Account-Based Programs
    In the past, our account-based programs ended after marketing qualification. Using SalesLoft we are able to integrate sales activities within the same program by creating the required sales processes within SalesLoft By doing so we are aligning messaging, able to see account level reports and have a common language with sales teams.
  3. SalesLoft is an Automation Powerhouse
    Companies can scale processes that you would otherwise do manually using other tools. When using automation rules, we found that it increases efficiency across our client’s sales process and enforces consistency team-wide.
  4. Sales reps are improving their performance by leveraging LinkedIn
    Sales reps everywhere use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If you are spending a lot of your day switching tabs and working between tools, it’s hard to work efficiently. SalesLoft integrates your entire tech stack into one place which in turn balances time and relevance. Touchpoints such as sending a connection request, liking a post or sending an InMail can be easily implemented into a cadence in just a few clicks.
  1. Helps to save time and book more meetings with its integrated Calendaring features
    This feature saves time, increases performance, removes friction and makes it easier for prospects to connect with you. Sales reps can simply drop a few open slots into an email or share their personal calendar link so buyers can choose a time that works best for them. This has saved us, our prospects and our clients the time it usually takes going back and forth deciding on a suitable meeting date, allowing meetings to be booked faster.
  2. Supports customers with research and process improvement
    SalesLoft invests a vast amount of time in improving sales processes. Recently, their Lead Data Scientist, Roi Ceren, and CTO, Scott Mitchell, worked on a framework analyzing salespeople behaviours and interactions with contacts. They researched over 200 million sales interactions (yes, 200 million!), “this research provides glimpses into how analyses of sales behaviors combined with data-science can expose insights that can make us better sellers, and provide better buying experiences for our customers”.
  3. Quickly improve calls and onboard team members with Conversation Intelligence
    Having all calls recorded, auto-stored on the platform and synced over to Salesforce is valuable in itself. With additional features such as live note taking during calls with time stamps, auto-tagging, keyword tracking and the ability to review hours of calls within minutes, sales reps along with managers can take full advantage of this tool to accelerate sales processes, faster onboarding of new sales reps and easier note taking.
  4. Outstanding customer support with daily office hours and other great resources
    SalesLoft gents are always ready to tackle your challenges. With multi webinars weekly, covering a wide variety of speakers and topics, SalesLoft also offers daily office hours twice a day enabling users to have their questions troubleshooted in real time. 

To put it simply, you are looking at the ultimate sales machine and your sales team is crazy not to use SalesLoft. Read more about SalesLoft here