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You have a strong passion for media, marketing, and getting others excited. You are a hard working self starter and motivated individual, who get things done. You solve problems, and are considered an out of the box and creative thinker.

You are tech savvy and a social media enthusiast with REAL followers on twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. You speak Hebrew and English fluently.
And you love all things beautiful, and appreciate the importance of visual elements in everything we do.

It would be also great if you have project or account management experience, B2B or B2C marketing know how, you love all things Mac, have video editing, directing or shooting experience and you are an active blogger

We are a B2B/B2C digital agency, with publicly traded international customers, that is expanding its operation. We believe that the relations between brands, companies and customers are changing fundamentally, and there is a need for a new breed of marketeers that understand different platforms, know how to integrate them, and how to create value to for customers and brands/companies alike. We also believe that there are new ways to communicate with customers, that doesn’t necessarily require buying expensive media.

If we work together, you will create and execute multi-platform digital and real life activities that challenge traditional advertising and PR industry.

If you’d like to apply – send us your CV. It can be video, images, or plain old paper. You can find us at Jobs AT or on Facebook (Kfir Pravda)