Marketing Voices: 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Budget for Social Media Marketing

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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Budget for Social Media Marketing

In our new Marketing Voices series, we invite exciting digital marketing professionals to join the conversation. This month’s guest post is by Nick Rojas, an experienced business consultant and writer living in Los Angeles and Chicago. Nick has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years and has contributed articles to, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch.

It’s no secret that startups, small businesses, and even one-man entrepreneurial operations all share a need to invest in digital marketing. While search engine optimization and excellent content go a long way towards creating growth, social media cannot be ignored if you want to jumpstart your business’s future and start connecting with your audience in an effective way. More

YouTube Takes the Subscribe Button to the Next Level

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YouTube rolled out a shiny new feature: embeddable Subscribe buttons. This has been done in an effort to get viewers to subscribe to more channels (thereby spend more time on the service).

According to the YouTube Developer Doc, “The YouTube Subscribe Button lets you add a one-click Subscribe button to any page. The button lets people subscribe to your YouTube channel without having to leave your site to either log in to YouTube or confirm their subscriptions” In practice, this is just as easy as embedding videos onto ones site, only in this case it will be a one-click Subscribe button that makes it easier for fans to follow on YouTube.

This could work wonders for B2B’s and B2C’s, as it would help boost subscription rates when used effectively. Thankfully, this is available for both free and paid YouTube channels. What’s more- users can choose between basic buttons, and fancier ones which feature company logos.

In typical Google/YouTube fashion, they are staying one step ahead of the game by discouraging channel owners from dishonestly inflating numbers on YouTube. Channel owners can’t offer or promote prizes or rewards of any kind in exchange for clicking on a YouTube Subscribe button – so there goes that tactic.

What do you think about embeddable Subscribe buttons?

What a Story

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Kate Bush played an important part in the soundtrack of my childhood. My sister loved her music, and we used to spend a lot of time together listening to her CDs.

But as the years went by, my musical taste changed.  I started listening to  Prodigy and heavy metal bands — music that energized me — instead of more relaxed music.

When my daughter was born, I started to play music from the 80s and 90s.   (I’m doing my best to make sure she doesn’t become a Lady Gaga fan, people.)  And it was then that I rediscovered Kate Bush music and videos.

YouTube replaced CDs, and for my daughter, music will forever start as a visual experience.

Kate Bush was an artist, who knew how to tell deep and meaningful stories, as well as convey experiences, through a seamless blend of lyrics, music, visuals, and choreography.
In this clip, she tells the compelling story of a son’s inability to save his father. Little did I know when I first heard this song that it is based on the story of Peter Reich and his Father Wilhelm Reich, a controversial psychoanalyst, who was jailed in 1957.
This clip is a great example of storytelling. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

iTunes 9 – Social Integration Done Wrong

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Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Apple released yesterday a new version of its music management iTunes. The application, that syncs apps, music and videos from your computer and iTunes store, got many new features, including Genius Mix (automatic playlist creation based on your music library), iPhone app management and more. And for the first time, Apple added a social networking feature to its core media management application – the ability to share your media on Facebook and Twitter.
And they completely blew it.
Social sharing should be an easy, one click, intuitive, almost impulsive act. That’s why sharing buttons should be conveniently located at key areas of a page or application.
But Apple decided to do things differently. They hid the sharing feature so well, that I had to go to YouTube to find a tutorial. And this is a Mac application for crying out loud.

But that was the good part:

You can’t share the song you are listening to.
You can’t share Genius Mixes
You can’t share songs you’ve purchased in iTunes store
The only thing you can do is, when you are in iTunes Store, share items that are on sales. And you need eyeglasses to see the small arrow that allows you to do so.

In one word – Lame.

In a whole sentence:
We all know that the guys at Apple don’t play nice. Maybe they shouldn’t try to be social.

Morning Digest

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Image representing hulu as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

How wrong can a YouTube competition get becomes more social

How can I share video on Twitter?

Concrete news about Hulu‘s international expansion

Choosing Camera For Online Video Production – Part 1.5

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Bell & Howell 8mm home camera
Image via Wikipedia

In the first post in this series I’ve reviewed the basic considerations in buying a camera for online video production. This post will cover advanced camera features, for savvy buyers (or latent video geeks like me). Understanding them can help you make better choices when buying your next video camera. Just like the previous post, I will focus on sub $1,000 cameras, as an entry level for most videographers. So let’s start: More

With ABC In Bed With Hulu, YouTube's life Just Became Much Harder

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ABC 1946 logo
Image via Wikipedia

After long negotiations, ABC are becoming a stake holder in Hulu, the Internet TV company funded by NBC, Fox and Providence Equity Partners. This deal further strengthens Hulu’s position as the leading premium online TV provider, with 27 partners, and newly extended 2 years exclusivity of the main players’ content.

Hulu is proving that great content is king. The site, that was launched a little more than a year ago, has shown meteoric growth and is the third largest online video site in the US. However, as Jeff Zucker, NBC’s President,  mentioned in his NYC Media Summit interview, the site is still not profitable.

This deal has a profound effect on YouTube, the queen of video UGC. The site, which is losing hundreds of millions of dollars annually, is facing a huge challenge, that puts it in a collision course with the TV networks’ prodigy. More

Choosing Camera For Online Video Production – Part 1

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own work
Image via Wikipedia

Recently I’ve been asked by several people which video camera should they buy in order to shoot online videos. So, instead of answering only on Twitter I’ve decided to write this post series. This post will cover key considerations, and the next one will review some of the models sold today. I will focus on sub $1,000 gear considerations, which is around the amount of money new entrants are willing to spend on such an equipment.

But, before we start, let’s put one thing straight:

No camera can save a bad script, horrible talent, or plain bad experience some great things are done with cheap cameras (1938 Media for example), and some horrible pieces of moving pictures were done in huge budget (did anyone say “The day the earth stood stil[5.6/10 rating][5.6/10 rating]l”?)

Equipment can make your life easier, make some things feasible, but that’s it. Nothing can replace talent and knowledge. in other words – IT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS WITHIN THE CAMERA THAT IS IMPORTANT, IT IS WHAT HAPPENS IN FRONT OF IT.

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s get started:


New York Media Summit's Lesson – We Are All Going To Die (at least in the media business)

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Last week I attended the New York Media Summit, done by Digital Hollywood. The event, featuring keynote speakers such as NBC‘s CEO Jeff Zucker and Microsoft‘s CEO Balmer, had a somewhat depressing message: We are all going to die.

Well, I might be a bit too dramatic. But the conversion of analog dollars to digital cents is still a major challenge to the industry.

Jeff Zucker, besides bashing Jon Stuart, expressed his concern of lack of effective multi-platform audience measurement, and said that media companies must experiment, as traditional models didn’t work anymore: More

Morning Link Love

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The first images shown on MTV were a montage o...
Image via Wikipedia

– 12Seconds is testing vide rooms. Seesmic is doing the same

MTV changes embedding policy

11% of Americans read or post Status updates

Kangaroo, the UK Hulu, closed by UK competition commission

The friend connect war intensifies with Google’s new social widget

Have a great day!

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