We Are Hiring!

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You have a strong passion for media, marketing, and getting others excited. You are a hard working self starter and motivated individual, who get things done. You solve problems, and are considered an out of the box and creative thinker.

You are tech savvy and a social media enthusiast with REAL followers on twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. You speak Hebrew and English fluently.
And you love all things beautiful, and appreciate the importance of visual elements in everything we do.

It would be also great if you have project or account management experience, B2B or B2C marketing know how, you love all things Mac, have video editing, directing or shooting experience and you are an active blogger

We are a B2B/B2C digital agency, with publicly traded international customers, that is expanding its operation. We believe that the relations between brands, companies and customers are changing fundamentally, and there is a need for a new breed of marketeers that understand different platforms, know how to integrate them, and how to create value to for customers and brands/companies alike. We also believe that there are new ways to communicate with customers, that doesn’t necessarily require buying expensive media.

If we work together, you will create and execute multi-platform digital and real life activities that challenge traditional advertising and PR industry.

If you’d like to apply – send us your CV. It can be video, images, or plain old paper. You can find us at Jobs AT or on Facebook (Kfir Pravda)

Update:Exclusive: Snow Leopard will be released on 9th of September?

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SAN FRANCISCO - JUNE 08:  Apple Senior Vice Pr...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Calcalist, an Israeli financial newspaper, claimed today that Snow Leopard, the new Mac OS, will be released worldwide on the 9th of September.

In our discussion with their reporter, he claimed to have very reliable sources that validated this date.
The date coincides with Apple‘s official statement, that the new OS version will be released on September, but contradicts rumors on 28th of August release.

It is yet to be seen when the new operation system will be released. I am certainly going to upgrade. And you?

update – Apple Store was just updated with 28th of August delivery date for Snow Leopard – it seems the sources were wrong.

Can't Wait

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Open Call – Technology and Platforms For Virtual Events

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My social network
Image by luc legay via Flickr

IMTC Forum, meeting place for experts in video communication and collaboration, is doing this year a virtual conference, as a part of its years long commitment to bring the best thought leaders and technology experts together.  The event, called 2025, Technology, Standards, Work, Life, will discuss the ways video technology and collaboration will change the way we work an live in the year 2025. We expect thought leaders from different industries to share their views on these amazing topic and help us all retool our business and life for the future.

We also decided to do our whole planning process as transparent as possible, empowering the community by sharing our thoughts , decisions, vendors that we’ve reviewed and  lessons we’ve learned.

But, as always, we need the technology to support this event. This is what we are looking for:

  1. Ability to have up to 4 video streams (moderator + 3 speakers), with minimum video requirement of a webcam
  2. Ability to show slides per presenter
  3. Ability to mix video feeds  (meaning, one video player only, but the feed is switched between speakers’ feeds)
  4. Authenticated Chat section per session (including Facebook connect and Twitter API)
  5. Display Official and hash tag Twitter stream in the sidebar
  6. Ability to record all sessions and chats for re-runs and VOD access
  7. Simple to use registration page for participants

Are we missing anything? Let us know. Also, we don’t necessarily need one product with all features – mesh-ups are acceptable.

As a non profit organization we have a shoestring budget – but the event will expose technologies to the right audience – and what is better than seeing a technology in action?

Beyond these requirements, we will ask each vendor to write a short post about the value of virtual events, the way that technology is changing business, and their view on the needs of the industry. We will add our own commentary on each post, as well as write about our decision making process regarding this solution.

Interested? Email us at kfir AT pravdam DOT com with 2025 in the subject line.
Please send us your proposals by September 15th.

Huffington Post, Social Distribution and the next big thing

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Image representing Facebook Connect as depicte...
Image via CrunchBase

Huffington Post, the forward thinking media company, released what they called “social news”, and what we will call “Facebook connect integration in a website”. Users can now log in to the site with their Facebook credentials, post their comments on HP article on their wall, and subscribe to their favorite bloggers.

This move is brilliant, as it harnesses reader’s social graph for Huffington Post’s benefit – and increases engagement and exposure to its content. I’ve registered yesterday to the service, wrote a comment on an article, and received responses on this article on my Facebook profile – from people that never read or even heard about Huffington Post.

Gigya, one of my favorite startups, is making this process even easier, with their socialize platform, which provides a unified API to various social networks.

I am still amazed to see that only small number of media companies are harnessing Facebook Connect and Twitter API as a mean to increase exposure and virality of their content. I hope that Huffington Post will publish a study that will show if their latest move increased exposure.

Social distribution, the harnessing of social graphs for media distribution, is the most important opportunity for media companies in the near future. Is your media company ready for the challenge?

Call For Speakers – 2025 – Tech, Standards, Work, Life

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Braun HF 1, Germany, 1959
Image via Wikipedia

How will video and collaboration technology impact your life and work in 2025?
This is the question we will try to answer on IMTC‘s annual event, taking place on the 17th and 18th of November, 2009.
With telepresence, online collaboration, social TV, and standardization advancements, our cubicle and living room will never look the same.

In IMTC we practice what we preach. Therefore, we decided to have a full blown virtual event, utilizing commercially available products and technologies.

Are you a thought leader in visual communication, online collaboration, social TV, the future of the living room, or any area that is relevant to collaboration, video or communication? Come and speak at our event – without leaving your office, via video conferencing, chat and remote presentations.

Here are some of the topics we thought about – but please feel free to contact us with additional relevant topics:
1. HTML 5, standard web video delivery and its effect on the value chain
2. Online collaboration status
3. Metadata and what it means for media companies and users
4. HD voice
5. Democratization of video conferencing and Telepresence in the living room
6. Social TV
7. Triple play in the living room – what’s next?

As a speaker you will be requested to send us your proposal, and write a short blog post about your topic that will be published in relevant blogs.

Interested? Email us at kfir AT pravdam DOT com with 2025 in the subject line.
Please send us your proposals by September 30th.

5 links on The future of Advertising and Businesswomen

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DJ Francis is reminding us why we are here

Huffington Post interviews Alex Bogusky about the future of advertisement. Yes. THE Alex Bogusky

Eyecube has an excellent piece about agency models

Erica Douglas written a post about lack of women in IT

And a list of 45 creative blog tag lines

Choosing An Online Video Camera – Open Call

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In the past two posts I’ve reviewed important features to check in a sub $1,000 cameras for online video and podcasting. Now it’s the time to review the cameras out there. Please leave in the comments below which cameras are you interested in. Remember, it has to cost less than $1,000.  If any of the readers has any of the cameras, please note that as well. In couple of days I will start writing the post, comparing the cameras and their capabilities. So let’s get this thing going – Which cameras should I review?

Blank – Online Graphic Novel Distributed via Twitter and Facebook

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When I came across Blank, I was intrigued by the combination of three thing that I love – graphic novels, crime stories, and social media. So I had to interview the creators, Ian Lewinter and Don Richmond.

This is their story:

What is your background?
We are the Brothers of the Silence, creators of Blank – The Graphic Novel. Ian LeWinter is the writer and creative strategist. Don Richmond is the writer/illustrator and creative strategist. We come from a visual media background. We met and 2006 and decided to launch Blank in May 2009 as the first graphic novel in history to launch on Facebook and Twitter.

Why did you decide to write a comic book?
Graphic novels are currently, without a doubt, a mega-burgeoning market. Society is poised for a new age in graphic novels. These are exciting times. There are people entering this arena who will amaze and inspire beyond our comprehension. Publishers are recognizing this fact and expanding their labels. Fans are what this market is all about and they are driving the generation of the most creative work seen in decades. We’re going to Comic-Con this week and we can’t wait to see the brilliant projects. We’re like kids in a candy store.

Our schooling was that shared experience everyone has: life. Some brains collect formulas. Some brains collect algorithms. Our brains collect art — whether in words, in visuals, or in sounds. Because of this, our interest in graphic serials began the first moment we touched one. The promise of creating a world in which we can communicate the unique patterns we see in life was and still is the most important discovery we ever made. So graphic novels were a natural medium for us to explore.


Why did you decide to make it available online?
Our goal was simple: find the most effective means to tell the world about Blank. Whether that means transferring a portion of the rights or keeping them outright makes no difference to us. The medium will dictate. Our responsibility is to the project and to future generations who must know about the Trilogy. The book is being launched on several social media platforms with a new 2-page spread viewable every other day. The pages are always viewable free on the website: Before the project is over, for us to accomplish our goals, we will have published three graphic novels, negotiated a motion picture deal and produced spin-off books. More

More Information Proves: Twitter is Heaven for Media Companies

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I’ve recently published an article about click thorough rates (CTR) of Twitter users when receiving media content. We saw amazing CTR of 10% and more, 70 times more than regular display banners.
Today I’ve recived additional data from another resource, showing the opportunity in Twitter and micro-blogging for media companies. In short, it solidifies the notion that Twitter is the most engaging platform today.
TubeMogul, my favorite video distribution and analytics comapny, released data showing that Twitter users watch a video 36% longer than any other originating social platform:


Despite Twitter’s erstwhile reputation as a soapbox for ephemeral thoughts (i.e. “long line at Starbucks…argh!”), the data tells another story: as a platform, Twitter refers among the most engaged video viewers out there.

Couple this with the CTR numbers mentioned above, and you have a winning platform for media engagement.

The challenge is still to combine platforms and channels in order  to utilize their strengths while mitigate its weaknesses.