Planning your company’s marketing strategy for the upcoming year can be challenging, to say the least. There are so many factors to consider; among them is the question of how much to invest in digital efforts versus physical events. Luckily we have a panel of marketeers ready to share their opinions on the topic.

There are various ways to approach your annual marketing strategy. One such approach is through trial and error. There is no absolute answer for all companies, the right approach depends solely on the company and industry. Measurements are the key to success, and comparisons between channels are essential. There must be cross-channel analytics assessment in order to discern which approach is best for your company and marketing needs.  Once measurements are in place, and the data has been analyzed, only then can an intelligent marketing strategy be created.

In order to have an inclusive marketing strategy, companies must invest in both digital efforts and physical events. Especially for B2B companies, events are still very relevant and useful. Digital activities should be supporting events and events should be supporting digital.  Events are a great place to continue to nurture relationships with leads and build credibility within the industry, as well as increase brand awareness.

A marketer must understand their industry and customers’ needs, in order to develop a successful marketing strategy. There are many approaches available, but it is up to the marketing team to measure and understand what avenues are working and which are not.


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