We’ve reached the end of our video series for #B2BTalks 2 – How to Build a Sales and Marketing Machine. But don’t worry – there’s more to come with our next series, How to Scale Your Marketing Operation, coming soon.

We’re wrapping this one up with a discussion about how to fuel your sales and marketing machine with interesting and engaging content. B2B marketers are already well versed in writing informative eBooks and industry white papers, but how else do you keep your audience coming back for more, without spending every last penny of your budget?

Watch this week’s #B2BTalks video to hear from our experts as they dive right into the good stuff, revealing their secrets to creating kick-ass content for free. Learn how to ride your competitors and position yourself as the best alternative solution. Or, keep it internal and do as the VP Marketing of Blendtec did. Learn how he used one blender and some marbles to gain over 100 million views and created the award-winning YouTube campaign, Will It Blend?

You don’t need to spend a fortune for content. With just a touch of creativity, you can utilize the people and resources that you have in-house to create interesting content, driving traffic straight to your website.

We love to hear from you. Do you have any other ideas for creating content for free? Let us know below or tweet us at @PravdaMG.

Watch the full #B2BTalks video series here!