In this #B2BTalks video, our panelists outline two of the major challenges marketers are facing today when trying to bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing.

The challenges discussed are:

Budget: securing the necessary budget for digital marketing is not as easy as securing budget for more traditional activities. Managers and CEOs are more sceptical of the digital channel as it is still seen as an unknown, with less hard data than the traditional alternatives. It is necessary to show management what can be done with the budget and keep them involved, or at least informed, of the process so they can see the tangible results.

Conceptual Change: Marketers need to show management that it is possible to actually generate business opportunities through the digital channel. No longer are exhibitions, and other traditional marketing tactics, the only option. Management and decision-makers must see that is it possible to gather viable leads via the digital channel.

After identifying some of the challenges, the speakers move on to suggest possible solutions to help marketers be more successful with their lead generation and campaigns. Each brought his and her own unique perspective of techniques that have worked for them and their companies.

Show the data: Take advantage of the ability to gather information on your leads– possible only through digital marketing.

Bottom up vs. Top down: Understand what needs to be accomplished (start at the bottom) and work up from there instead of requesting a budget and working within its constraints (top down).

Understanding digital: In order to understand if digital is the correct channel to utilize, ask yourself the following questions:
-What is my goal?
-What are my assets?
-What am I able to achieve?
-Where does my target audience reside?

Once you answer these questions you can better understand if you should be putting your marketing resources towards digital or traditional channels; likely it will be a mix of the two.

Watch #B2BTalks 5 Part 2 to find out more, and make sure to tune in to the upcoming videos to learn even more.

Big thanks to our panelists and their very insightful input: Efrat Fenigson, Senior Director of Marketing at Viaccess-Orca, Guy Hilton, Head of Marketing at Amdocs Portfolio at Amdocs, and Yafit Mor, Director of Marketing at ClickSoftware.

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