I was at the beach one day with my 8-year-old daughter and she asked what I do for a living? She knows that I have a company and that I love my career; however, she wanted a true understanding of what that is. She knows that I love the sea, as we go there a lot. I tried to explain to her what I do in a way that she could understand the true essence of my work and not only the technical and mundane details. 

I explained to her that I am basically the captain of a ship! I need to sail to an island with a carefully planned and thought-out route, while crossing treacherous waters. I continued to explain to her, that I have an amazing team with mates that run and manage various sections of the ship. The amazing thing is that they know their jobs far better than I, which allows me to be completely dependent on them to successfully arrive at my point of destination, the remote island. But, the catch is, I get to be out on the open sea, which is an unpredictable environment. Something which I cannot control requiring me to maintain strong focus, as I may need to constantly adjust my route in accordance to whatever Poseidon may throw at me. 

Sound familiar? 

Would it seem that your days incur the same elements?

Challenges of Leaders

We have been working with more than 100 B2B organizations and have managed thousands of marketing programs for almost 20 years. With all that experience under my cap I can tell you one thing, that the challenges and complexities of our jobs are only getting harder.

Look at the challenges of a business and marketing leader today: 

  1. Your employees want the freedom to work how they seem fit for them, but you don’t want to compromise on talent. This may lead you to work with a distributed team, maybe in various offices, locations, and sometimes even cross-continential. 
  2. The variety of skills and talents required to successfully run a business or marketing initiative is growing exponentially. Take a look at the number of different disciplines required to launch a new product, brand, new business line, or increase market share. They include: messaging, branding, content creation, data analytics, paid campaigns on various platforms, social media management, PR, event marketing, and that’s just the basics. Today, technology is an integral part to every business initiative. You need to communicate with and manage technical resources such as CRM and your marketing platforms. 

The reality is that you can’t really hire all these talents. If you are like me, then you have come to understand the need to work with external service providers and vendors to support your efforts, as they are crucial for the success of your initiative. 

Marketers Blind Spot

  1. If we delve deeper you will see that not only can you not hire all these talents but, they all attain a greater understanding than you to generate success on their end. As a leader, you understand that you can’t quite determine how they go about their work, you can only provide a goal and hope that you hired the right people to get the job done. Hiring the right people and trust in your team members is a part of the game. 
  2. Management is expecting results and fast! However, in many cases, these goals are not specific enough to align the organization behind them. 
  3. Reality rapidly changes and as a result it can drastically affect your ability to perform. Your resources are extracted to higher priority projects, market changes cause management to change their goals and customer behavior impacts the effectiveness of your business initiatives yet again. To be successful you must quickly change course, reassign resources and precisely observe that nothing has been overseen. 

This is the definition of operational hell! 

Surprisingly, many marketing executives do not see their challenges this way. After  many discussions with marketing leaders and reviewing job descriptions for marketing positions, strong project management skills are often left out. Leaders are focusing on skills such as, demand generation tactics and data analytics, with a lighter focus on the ability to manage projects, experts, and vendors.  

Business and operational complexities are challenging and so, the ability to generate impact becomes further out of reach.  It leaves us questioning is there is a better way to do it? 

Pravda Media Group is facing these challenges both internally and externally. We provide services and technologies to global companies. We need to continue to provide value within a fast-paced environment that requires innovative solutions, motivation, and offerings that adjust quickly. In many cases, partners, vendors and other service providers are pivotal to our success; hence, we must work with them hand-in-hand. While, at the same time, as a service company we must be operationally efficient. 

We also see these challenges within our clients’ organizations. Our company serves as a change agent and we have noted that the main difference between companies that successfully utilise new strategies and technologies, to those who are left behind, comes down to their ability to: plan, communicate, execute and adjust their business initiatives. 

The winner is not the one that implements a process, creates a go-to market strategy, or rolls out a CRM platform first. Those who succeed are the ones that are doing this efficiently, aligned with the organization and with a clear business impact in mind.

Pro-Active Solutions

That is why we have decided to launch StarAlignPM – our solution for impact-driven teams and their managers. 

StarAlignPM will enable your team and organization to successfully move fast in the right direction.

You will move fast by rapidly planning, launching and continuously improving your initiatives. You will quickly understand its status allowing you to focus where you are needed most, while spending less time clearing your inbox, and more time generating meaningful impact. 

You will move in the right direction by connecting operational projects with strategic objectives, while creating organizational wide clarity and transparency focusing on the rationale and goals of your initiatives. 

You will succeed, meet your business goals and empower your experts to be their best ‘work’ selves creating impact. 

StarAlignPM is a holistic solution for organizations that seek to adapt to the challenges of a modern business environment. It includes everything you need to hit the ground running: 

  1. A well established, tried and tested methodology for initiative ideation, planning and execution. 
  2. Training, implementation and ongoing support to launch StarAlignPM within your organization. 
  3. Teamwork™, a collaborative project management platform, where StarAlignPM is fully implemented. Using Teamwork™ based on StarAlignPM methodology will enable:
    • teams 
    • managers
    • executives
    • suppliers and partners

to collaboratively generate impact, without the red tape, communication overhead and hassle. Our friends at Teamwork™ have embraced our methodology and have written an e-book highlighting this. Click here to read

This is the most exciting launch that we have ever had!
I believe that StarAlignPM is a game changer for leaders who want to transform their organizations. 

I can’t wait to chat with you about it – let’s talk!
Kfir Pravda
CEO & Founder