Quotes in Israel’s leading financial publications

Connections, social networks and links are nice – but how can you make money out of it? – Globes, May 2008

Online Video in the service of Small and Medium Businss owners – TheMarker, May 2008

Kfir Pravda named by The Marker Magazine as one of the 40 most promising businessmen under the age of 40″ (The Marker Magazine, September 2008)

Heads of Israel’s Interactive market discuss the future of interactive marketing facing the recession – Globes, October 2008

Blip.tv CEO – independent content creators are making money from online video – TheMarker, November 2008 , Same panel was covered in Globes here.

Israeli online advocacy gets a push from a new site – Globes, January 2009

The state of Israeli online diplomacy, Video Interview – GlobesTV, January 2009

Jobs and the effect of his departure on Apple, The Marker, January 2009

International Industry Events

Spring VON   – March 2007

Panel: My mother uses Skype, why bother with standards?


VON Europe  – June 2007

Panel: IMS Idol

Podcamp Europe – June 2007

Session: How can I make my mom watch Internet TV

Audio (Thanks to Chris Hambly)


International Bloggers Conference – Blogference July 2007

Panel: How can I make my mom watch Internet TV


Interviewing Om Malik at Master Class: Capturing Innovation

Wordcamp Israel – October 2007

Panel: Blogs as a marketing tool

Image By Niv Calderon


Cinema And Technology Conference, Jerusalem Film Festival, July 2007

Panel: Opportunities for filmmakers in cyberspace

Content Delivery in a Converging World: Realities and Perspectives –  IMTC Forum 2007

Head of Steering committee and overall event oversight

Event Host (Video)

Panel: User perspective on Content Delivery (Video)

Panel: Content Providers perspective on Content Delivery (Video)

Panel: Unified Communication and Content Delivery (Video)

Podcamp Boston 2

Brainstorming session: Why are we calling it Internet TV, or Is it time for Internet Storytelling?

Israel Web Tour – February 2008

Media Sponsor

TheMarker Com.vention, April 2008

Workshop – Forget about pre-roll – Video as marketing tool

Image by Tal Shachar


TWS2008 – Israel’s Official dot com Competition – July 2008

Competition Judge

Panel: Innovation in Content Distribution


Rosh Pina Media Festival, November 2008

Principal organizer and chief content director of the Rosh Pina Media Festival’s digital track

Event’s host

Panel: Barbarians at the gate – Independent Internet TV

Technology Meets Customer Needs – Unified Communications Supporting Business – IMTC Forum, November 2008

Head of Steering committee and overall event oversight

Event Host

Panel: Online collaboration meets the enterprise

Panel: Enterprise and social networks – boundaries and opportunities