Pravda media is a digital media agency that provides cutting edge digital marketing solution and technologies to brands, companies and organizations.

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Hi, my name is Kfir Pravda, and I am the owner of Pravda Media Group.

Here is my story:

Kfir Pravda is a marketer, content creator and blogger. His company, Pravda Media, provides services to companies and organizations in the field of media, content and marketing strategies. His blog, Pravda on Media and Technology, is read and quoted by VCs, content creators, and media executives across the globe. He is a known speaker and editor of international conferences in the fields of innovation, media, and technology.

In 2008, Kfir was named as a leading digital marketer and the only independent consultant within the title of  “40 most promising businessmen under  the age of 40″. This award is part of the prestigious 40/40 list of The Marker Magazine – a leading financial newspaper in Israel.

In 2008, Kfir was the principal organizer and chief content director of the Rosh Pina Media Festival’s digital track.  The event, which had been aimed over the past nine years at the traditional TV industry expanded its scope  into the digital realm, offering  three days of non stop digital excitement including 30 panel sessions  and presentations led by 50 local and international  industry leaders. The Rosh Pina Festival  was chaired by Ami Giniger and Dr. Yossi Vardi.

Kfir also serves as VP of Marketing of IMTC , an international non profit consortium for video technology companies, which among its members are Cisco, Apple, Polycom and other video conferencing and video delivery companies.

Kfir is also a judge in startup competitions, including TWS, Israel’s web startup competition, and a SeedCamp mentor.

Kfir teaches Internet Storytelling in the IDC school of media, and an adviser to the Asper Institute of New Media and Diplomacy.

He is an avid fan of crime films and single malt whisky.

This is the story of Pravda Media

We are a digital media agency, helping our customers to solve business problems one byte at a time.

Kfir Pravda

Feel free to contact me at kpravda AT gmail DOT com


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