We all love traffic. No, not the bumper-to-bumper kind that we spend quality time with each morning. But the kind we find online that comes in increasing numbers after you write that clever blog post and share it across your social channels, or the kind that arrives at your carefully-built landing page after you begin an email campaign.

What happens next? We watch the traffic go and can only hope that one day it will return.

According to Marketo, 98% of your website traffic is anonymous, meaning that you don’t have any information about them and therefore no way to connect. You’ve done the work of getting people to your website and now it’s time to make it worth something.

It’s clear that not everyone is sales ready, or even interested in purchasing in the next 12-18 months. However, even in cases when less than 50% of website visitors are considered relevant, there’s a significant dollar value hidden there. Yet the challenge is always the same: how to collect their information so that one day you can make the sale.

We see this as a problem that all of our clients face, as well as ourselves here at Pravda Media Group.

It gets worse when we see that in many cases, visitors are not leaving their details in the first or even second visit of our website. It requires multiple engagements to get those coveted details.

How Do We Cope?

We started working with BrightInfo, an interesting Israeli startup, that solves this problem by adding a dynamic CTA to posts, as well as displaying content recommendations based on what you read on the site.

When someone visits our site, he or she gets personalized suggestions to view content on our blog, based on their online behavior. This immediately increases the number of opportunities where they can leave their details.

When BrightInfo recognizes a visitor’s intent to leave, it also offers a pop-up form that links to your marketing automation platform (we’re using Act-On) and in doing so streamlines the lead collection process.

Whether you’re using Act-On, Pardot, or Marketo as your marketing automation platform of choice, together with BrightInfo you can close the gap and convert your anonymous traffic into valuable leads.

We know this is a crucial element when building your sales and marketing machine. So, we’re happy to offer a 60 minute analysis session and have a discussion regarding your own marketing automation and lead gen strategy.

Let us know here and we will be in touch!