We’re moving on up to the next series of our #B2BTalks video installments. We discussed How to Build Your Sales and Marketing Machine in the last series, and this time we’re talking scalability. Before we dive too deep, we’re going to start with the challenges us B2B marketers face. In today’s video, we’ll hear from 3 expert panelists, ranging from a company made up of a 1-woman show, to a 2-and-a-half person team, to a global organization with an 80-person marketing team. Believe it or not, we all have challenges and no organization is perfect.

The challenges we face stem from a multitude of areas. Smaller companies often struggle with resources. Brand new start-ups face the challenge of being unknown and getting people to talk about their brand.

Larger companies face the challenge of representing numerous products, and getting buyers to recognize their company in a new and different context. No matter the size of your organization, budget is always an underlying challenge, as well as hiring the right people for the right job.

You can watch the 15 minute video above. Go ahead – refill your coffee and enjoy! For more on #B2BTalks, follow us on Twitter at @PravdaMG. For more information regarding upcoming events, visit our #B2BTalks site.

The panelists from this #B2BTalks event were Udi Ledergor, Head of Marketing at Yotpo; Daniella Alpher, VP Marketing at CoolaData; and Yaniv Zuckerman, VP Global Marketing at NICE Systems.