A new year is upon us, and we at Pravda Media Group are thinking about how we can improve professionally and personally in the new year.

While we are constantly evaluating the ways we work and the tools we use, we decided to do some extra reflecting on how we can further improve in the new year. Some questions on our minds are: What new work processes can we adopt? Will 2015 really be the year of no email? How can we be even more prepared to tackle the day’s tasks?

Here are some resolutions from the PMG team.

“As a writer, I have always been fascinated by people and what makes them tick. But as a marketer, my focus is more specific – what makes people click. My professional resolution for 2015 is to attack this question from every angle until it becomes a science.” – Simona Weinglass, Content Writer

“While it may go against my DNA, I’d like to become a morning person so I can get a head start on conquering my day. I would also like to become a master of Google Analytics.” – Farrah Fidler, Engagement & Outreach Manager

“When I’m not wearing my marketing hat, I’m a certified yoga instructor. My resolution is to practice yoga at least 3 mornings a week before work.” – Orit Coty, Digital Marketing Manager

“Insert standard workout goal: make running a higher priority during the week. And for my real resolution for 2015, I want to make time to get back in touch with my sketchbook and master the Hebrew language!” – Annette Dvorak, Digital Marketing Manager

“Become more focused and efficient in work and be able to balance work/life better.” – Yarin Hochman, Data Analyst

And from the master list-maker:


  1. Make exercise and meditation a part of my daily routine. I’ve been trying to do it for years without success, but it’s too important to just drop it.
  2. Sounds funny, but to drink more water 🙂
  3. Continue to be a part of my wife’s and kids’ life, see them grow up, and be a part of the important things in their lives.

Continue to push the envelope in what we do, and to look for the next big thing in B2B marketing.” – Kfir Pravda, CEO

What are some of your professional resolutions? What tips can you give to help us keep ours? Let us know by leaving a comment here, or tweet us at @Pravdamg.