The situation for marketers has changed. No longer can we rely on having a booth at events to make a splash and have a presence in order to bring in new customers. Today, we must bring marketing qualified leads to sales. If today marketers are seen as an extension of sales, then is awareness still relevant for B2B marketers?

According to Omri Tamir of Datorama, it absolutely is. “Awareness is a part of the funnel and if you don’t have awareness you don’t have a funnel,” said Tamir at our #B2BTalks event that focused on planning your annual marketing strategy. He also noted that 70% of the buyer’s decision is taking place online without speaking to a company rep. In connecting awareness to the funnel, Tamir says you have to decide on your KPIs, measure everything, and connect these metrics to your funnel. Only then can you predict the affect awareness will have on revenue.

Watch the video clip below to learn more and hear what our other panelists have to say about the relevance awareness has today.