In the first video installment of the #B2BTalks event 5, we take a look at what, if anything, is the difference between traditional and digital marketing. The panel tackles a topic that is one of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers today: The world of marketing has changed drastically.

Efrat Fenigson, Senior Director of Marketing at Viaccess-Orca, began the discussion by saying she does not define a difference between the two, but rather sees them as one – today’s traditional is digital. Guy Hilton, Head of Marketing for Amdocs Portfolio at Amdocs, builds on this by saying traditional marketing elements are now getting a digital spin and that everything marketing does now needs that digital flavor. The third panelist, Yafit Mor, Director of Marketing at ClickSoftware, makes a great point in saying that just because there has been a dramatic move to digital marketing does not mean traditional marketing is no longer necessary, concluding that in order to be successful, both avenues of marketing must be utilized.

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