In this #B2BTalks video series, a lively and captivating panel discussed a topic many of us in the marketing world struggle with every single day – how to get your marketing machine performing at its innovative best.

Each panelist came up with some superb tips on how they fire-up innovation in their own marketing machine. Below are just a few words of wisdom garnered from the session – there’s plenty more in the video above!

Provide the right setting

Ensuring your employees have the right setting in which they can bloom is crucial; your organization should be open and provide an environment in which employees are constantly learning while simultaneously keeping them triggered and engaged. This should in turn motivate your team into churning out knockout new ideas.

As it’s often difficult to gauge exactly where these ideas are coming from, welcome them when they do come and reward those employees who are constantly innovative, challenging, and creative.

Encourage employees

Encouraging employees is also crucial – with innovation being part of our DNA, encouraging that innovative spirit is a must-do, even if nine times out of ten the ideas are unworkable. Let’s face it, it’s better to say “No” to potential ideas than have no ideas or discussion whatsoever; and while not all ideas are going to be winners, as long as they keep coming you know your team is innovating.

Over time you can realize what – and who – really works, so the importance of encouraging trial and error in your team really shouldn’t be overlooked.

Keep tabs on the competition

It’s always wise to keep an eye out on the competition, and using your competition’s ideas and developing them into your own killer – but eventually very different – ideas is a great place to start. As the great Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

Three HOT tips

We wrapped up the session by asking our panelists to give three great tips for companies struggling to scale and get their marketing team performing at their innovative best. Below we’ve collected one of the three tips given by each panelist. (For their remaining tips you’ll have to watch the video above.)

  • “Think of something that hasn’t been done yet. Do something crazy. Stand out.” – Udi Ledergor, Head of Marketing at Yotpo
  • “Have a plan. Even if you change it each and every week, have a plan.” – Daniella Alpher, VP Marketing at CoolaData
  • “The must is have a winning team.” – Yaniv Zuckerman, VP Global Marketing at NICE Systems

Make sure to watch the video clip above for even more best practices for getting the innovative best (and yes, scaling that innovation) out of your marketing machine. Have a tip to add? Leave us a comment below, or tweet us at @PravdaMG.

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