Account Based Marketing (ABM) is more than just a buzzword – in fact the folks at #FlipMyFunnel are calling it a revolution. As we scour the web for the best marketing content, we’re met with tons of articles discussing ABM, from best practices to the role video plays in ABM, and examples of kickass campaigns. Take a look at some of the best of what we’ve found.

Let’s Start with the Basics

If you’re not familiar with ABM, Tamar Weinberg provides this overview of the benefits, such as close alignment between sales and marketing. She also outlines best practices that you can implement in building your ABM strategy, including tools that can help you work smarter.

ABM KPIs to Consider

After you have decided on your ABM strategy, it’s time to determine the KPIs to measure your activities. This post explains the 6 KPIs to measure your activities, including MQAs (marketing qualified accounts) instead of MQLs, as well as engagement rate that can easily be tracked by your marketing automation platform.

Crazy ABM Campaigns That Worked

It’s a constant struggle to stand out amongst the abundance of content these days, but in this post Ben Plomion, Chief Marketing Officer at GumGum, shares three ABM campaigns that combined innovation and personalization to reach some of today’s leading brands. Our favorite is the comic book, “T-Man and Gums”, that was created to reach the CEO of T-Mobile. Did it work? Well let’s just say that T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, shared it with his 4+ million Twitter followers.

Getting Social With ABM

It’s already been stated that social media can and should be used in an ABM program. This post outlines the three stages of ABM via social, which utilizes a mix of a listening program, employee advocacy to get the conversation with your targets started, and building a relationship. At the end of the day, your targets are people, and your employees will play a key role in making a connection.

Don’t Forget About Video

You’ll definitely want to consider implementing personalized video in your ABM program. This post from Vidyard shows how you can use personalized video content throughout your ABM programs to help cut through the noise and turn more targeted accounts into paying customers.

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