Growth Hacking Conference

This Sunday morning after a second cup of coffee, we joined about 150 digital marketers and entrepreneurs at Israel’s Growth Hacking Conference, featuring the growth hacking expert and Co-founder of Kissmetrics, Neil Patel. The room was filled with people with all kinds of business ideas, from online dating resources and project management platforms to customer loyalty app development. But each of us in the room had one thing in common. We need new, effective and low cost ideas for driving traffic to our websites and increasing the number of leads we see each month.

Here are just some of the key takeaways from Neil’s presentation that we want to share:

Integrations make your product better

Your product alone holds its own value, but together with other platforms it can work wonders. Discover valuable integrations and allow your customers to really get the most out of your product. Another important, but often overlooked point is to make your partner pages awesome. And as always, measure your conversions and revenue. Know which efforts are converting well and bringing in the worthwhile revenue.

Offer free things

Ah, the magic word “free”. In case you missed it, we recently published our #B2BTalks video that discusses how to create the best content for free. Neil discussed not only content, but other things you can do to drive traffic that will cost you nothing. Think about what you can repurpose. If you have one content piece, use it again and again in different forms, squeezing out every last lead. Offer your expert advice. Tell your leads what they are doing wrong and how they’re screwing up. Give them free advice and watch them come back to you to fix it.

Optimize embeds

One last point Neil discussed was optimizing embeds and why you should make it as easy as possible to embed. We know that videos are highly engaging and a great way to get someone to pay attention to your product. Once you have their attention, you want to keep them on your site. Why send them to YouTube or an external site when you can embed the content and keep them within your website? Instead of watching other suggested content, their curiosity will take them tab-to-tab around your site.

Along with embedding, another small but useful hack worth your attention is your call-to-actions. Little changes such as “Sign In” instead of “Sign Up” can double the number of conversions.

Did you also attend the Growth Hacking Conference? Do you have any other Growth Hacking tricks? Tweets us at @PravdaMG, visit us on Facebook, or leave a comment below!