“Be careful what you put in writing,” my mother warned  me once upon my teenage years.  “Because once it’s out there it’s out there. And that’s that.”

She said this before  we  all found ourselves careening down a cyber superhighway, racing pellmell toward online discoveries … A fantasy land where both exhibitionists and voyeurs feed off the others need for instant gratification.

“Once it’s out there it’s out there … ” These words echo in my mind while I log onto Facebook.

Paper may disintegrate but the Internet is forever.  (Forever-ever?  Forever-ever.) Our ancestors had cave paintings. And we have Walls.   Our forefathers and mothers wrote lengthy missives on leather parchment, and we have blog posts.  They had oil paintings.  We have Instagram. We have gleaned great insight into the world of the past through these artifacts, and  its hard not to wonder what our cyber leavings  will tell a future generation  about our civilization.

Oh dear.

Maybe it’s time to delete those photos from the party on Saturday night.