We’ve been reading some great stuff at Pravda Media Group that you might enjoy as well.  So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, and get your read on — you’ll feel more productive than if you’re just trawling Facebook.


Eight Ways To Go Viral


Uzi Shmilovici, CEO and founder of Future Simple, explains virality and demonstrates some great tools companies use to boost theirviral factor.


Why Android updates are a mess: it’s the business model


Ed Bott explains why The Android business model practically guarantees that updates will be a mess.


The Amazing Power of Deflationary Economics for Startups


Mark Suster argues that the most succesfull internet companies are the ones that offer amazing value  at high volumes which  makes it nearly impossible for high-cost incumbents to compete.


The year in mobile apps: Where we’ve been, where we’re going


Erica Ogg gives a nice overlook at the year we’ve had of mobile apps and has some great predictions for what’s ahead.


And we’re curious:  What have YOU been reading?