BIG companies bet BIG on achieving BIG results, laying out BIG money for their marketing and advertising efforts. BIG spending is not enough to make a brand memorable, however, without putting BIG ideas behind that spending, and for many years now Nike has realized BIG results doing exactly that.

Here at Pravda Media Group we all admire well-executed big ideas, and so we created a detailed report analysing 5 remarkable Nike Campaigns, inspirational works for everyone in the digital marketing business. The report is free! To get it just click here.

For those who are not sure yet, during the next few days we’ll give a taste of the analysis, one campaign at a time, starting with this post:

Nike Epic

Nike Epic

For the NBA Playoffs, Nike transformed its Nike Basketball web page into Epic, a social media data visualization tool that showcased which Nike-sponsored players and teams were getting the most tweets per hour. The more tweets a player received, the bigger his picture displayed on the page in comparison to others. In applying online sales and ready-made tweets, Epic was a social media marketing strategy winner for the brand…and worthy of our attention.

Created by the great R/GA.


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