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As a preview of what’s to come, have a look at this 5 step guide to anonymous visitor relationship management by BrightInfo – our event’s beer sponsor!

This post was originally published on BrightInfo by Boaz Grinvald.

Why have relationships with anonymous visitors (A 5 step guide to doing it right)?

(Because they get to know you before you know them.)

According to CEB, 57% of the customer purchase decision is complete before a customer ever contacts the supplier. With so much information available online offered by vendors/suppliers, magazines, analysts and comparison sites, of course buyers do a lot of research on their own.

This means by the time they actually contact you, they are well on their way to making a purchase decision and are just validating information with the short list of finalists.

So how do you improve your odds so when buyers make up their mind they put your brand on top? You must engage with your anonymous visitors before you get to know their names – you can’t afford otherwise.

The gap in content marketing

Content Marketing is used by over 90% of businesses, the majority of which are concerned with content creation and content distribution – generating enough engaging content and making audiences aware of it.

But how can you be sure buyers take you into consideration when they are doing their online research and before they contact you? Conventional content marketing typically neglects that phase of the process – the time between when your audience finds you and the time they become known to you.

Anonymous visitor relationship management fills the gap by ‘nurturing’ prospect who aren’t yet leads. With the right predictive tools and profiling techniques such as behavioral or crowd behavior analytics, you can offer them the most relevant content items for their individual buyer journey.

Taking that extra step gives you the best possible chance to stay in the final consideration set. Once the buyer becomes known, you can use nurturing, marketing automation or a CRM to extend your relationship.

Doing anonymous visitor relationship management right

To make anonymous visitor relationship management work for you, consider these must-have elements:

1.     Intelligent, individualized profiling. The more parameters you take into consideration, the better your profiling of the anonymous visitors. Look for solutions that target individuals vs. segments or personas. Parameters might include visitor behavior, crowd behavior, textual hints such as content read or search engine keywords.

2.     Automation. Setting and managing rules or loading content manually is virtually impossible to sustain over time. Consider only solutions that can do the profiling automatically and discover your content automatically.

3.     Integrations.  Be sure you’ll be able to consolidate reporting so you can have a full picture of your buyers behaviors before and after they become known to you.

4.     Analytics. Anonymous visitors comprise 95-99% of your traffic – a group for whom you don’t typically have analytics. With the right a capabilities, you can tap into the buying patterns of this huge audience group and leverage that information to generate more leads.

5.     Across the anonymous visitors lifecycle. Make sure to engage your anonymous visitors with the most compelling offers on your blog, website, landing pages and even when they leave your website. As our customers have seen there is always a second chance to engage your anonymous visitors, it’s just a matter of offering the right content.

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