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When I came across Blank, I was intrigued by the combination of three thing that I love – graphic novels, crime stories, and social media. So I had to interview the creators, Ian Lewinter and Don Richmond.

This is their story:

What is your background?
We are the Brothers of the Silence, creators of Blank – The Graphic Novel. Ian LeWinter is the writer and creative strategist. Don Richmond is the writer/illustrator and creative strategist. We come from a visual media background. We met and 2006 and decided to launch Blank in May 2009 as the first graphic novel in history to launch on Facebook and Twitter.

Why did you decide to write a comic book?
Graphic novels are currently, without a doubt, a mega-burgeoning market. Society is poised for a new age in graphic novels. These are exciting times. There are people entering this arena who will amaze and inspire beyond our comprehension. Publishers are recognizing this fact and expanding their labels. Fans are what this market is all about and they are driving the generation of the most creative work seen in decades. We’re going to Comic-Con this week and we can’t wait to see the brilliant projects. We’re like kids in a candy store.

Our schooling was that shared experience everyone has: life. Some brains collect formulas. Some brains collect algorithms. Our brains collect art — whether in words, in visuals, or in sounds. Because of this, our interest in graphic serials began the first moment we touched one. The promise of creating a world in which we can communicate the unique patterns we see in life was and still is the most important discovery we ever made. So graphic novels were a natural medium for us to explore.


Why did you decide to make it available online?
Our goal was simple: find the most effective means to tell the world about Blank. Whether that means transferring a portion of the rights or keeping them outright makes no difference to us. The medium will dictate. Our responsibility is to the project and to future generations who must know about the Trilogy. The book is being launched on several social media platforms with a new 2-page spread viewable every other day. The pages are always viewable free on the website: Before the project is over, for us to accomplish our goals, we will have published three graphic novels, negotiated a motion picture deal and produced spin-off books. More →