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I’ve recently published an article about click thorough rates (CTR) of Twitter users when receiving media content. We saw amazing CTR of 10% and more, 70 times more than regular display banners.
Today I’ve recived additional data from another resource, showing the opportunity in Twitter and micro-blogging for media companies. In short, it solidifies the notion that Twitter is the most engaging platform today.
TubeMogul, my favorite video distribution and analytics comapny, released data showing that Twitter users watch a video 36% longer than any other originating social platform:


Despite Twitter’s erstwhile reputation as a soapbox for ephemeral thoughts (i.e. “long line at Starbucks…argh!”), the data tells another story: as a platform, Twitter refers among the most engaged video viewers out there.

Couple this with the CTR numbers mentioned above, and you have a winning platform for media engagement.

The challenge is still to combine platforms and channels in orderĀ  to utilize their strengths while mitigate its weaknesses.