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Picture 17.pngWhile there is an inflation of social media consultants due to the recession, some are doing a great service to their employers.

Roger Smith Hotel is a small boutique hotel in Manhattan. I would have never heard about it if they didn’t embrace social media strategies. They have a blog, twitter account for both the hotel and Adam Wallace their social media manager. In fact I got in touch with them through twitter. The hotel has a blogger’s rate – which provided Buzz marketing for (almost) free. Social media gurus such as Chris Brogan stayed at the hotel and wrote about it – what better PR could one get? They also encourage tweetups and other social media events in their facilities.

I will not be staying at this hotel in my trip to NYC next week, as they ran out of the rooms I was interested in. But I would never have considered them, or even heard about them, if they didn’t embrace my community in such a great way.

Makes you think that there is still a lot to be done in the over hyped but exciting world of social media.

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