Here at Pravda Media we love online or “Virtual” events, we produced two of those with the Israeli iPhone launch and the IMTC 2025 conference.
Virtual presence is a popular digital trend that became even more popular due to the latest financial crisis and high flight costs – It shows great ROI if done properly and it helps achving thought leadership status.

Cisco is a Major player in that regard, practicing what they preach – They do multiple virtual events productions, powered by their Telepresence systems.
On October 5th Cisco will launch new solutions in the “Borderless Network” and Data Center/Virtualization fields, in a special virtual event and a very special challenge – The Cisco 3D Borderless challenge will start with a 3D movie, and than an online challenge in which two winners can win a vacation to amazing places such as the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

Be sure to register in time in order to get the 3D Glasses, Good luck!