IMTC & UCI Forum Merger brings us closer to Unified Communications


There are always some nice perks when it comes to working with loads of different companies and technologies, in the B2B arena.  Besides the pace and the dynamic nature of digital marketing, once in awhile, you feel as if you are part of something – something major.

Last week, a long-standing customer of ours, IMTC announced its merger with UCI Forum .  These two organizations have supported major leaders in IP and Unified communications, WebRTC and Telepresence technologies such as: Microsoft, Avaya, Intel, Cisco and Lifesize and HP.

After years of de facto collaboration in interoperability testing for UC and video conferencing, IMTC and UCI Forum will work together towards the same vision of promoting a single industry-wide forum, a ‘Center of Excellence’ for the IP and Unified communications community.  It also means that the joined consortium will have a greater capacity in enabling end-to-end interoperability testing and standards implementation.

In the ever so changing UC ecosystem, a merge of this type is a great step towards a connected world where different products can work with each other seamlessly in a way that’s undetected to the consumer and his/her user experience.  When you actually sit back and think about that, it’s one of those “Wow” moments (and we had a part in it)!

It was a busy week, but an exciting one, as we contributed our small portion into “building the next generation of IP communication testing and standards”!

Read more about the merger on the IMTC and UCI Forum’s Letter from the Presidents or in the official press release.