Who is the healthiest of them all?

On The Pulse Poh previously developed a method of measuring heart rate using an iPhone earbud John B. Carnett
What if, instead of just looking at a mirror to check how we look, we could also look deeper? That’s exactly what Ming-Zher Poh, an electrical and medical engineering graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology accomplished. He created a mirror that displays the vital signs of who is standing in front of it. For now it’s only measuring heart beats, but according to Poh the system could also be used to measure other vital signs, like respiratory rate.

“This shows your inner health,” he says. “Maybe as people use it, they’ll say, ‘This is part of my identity. It’s not just how I look on the outside.’”

Want to know more about this great invention? Read the complete article in POPSCI: http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2011-05/2011-invention-awards-picture-health