Social Media is like the party after prom where all the good stuff really happens.



Sometimes it’s a little confusing. Even a little dangerous. But, life on Facebook and Twitter can enhance your “IRL” experience.

Sure, while there is nothing quite like meeting in person, by keeping up with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter feeds, you can eliminate some of the B.S. smalltalk when you do get together – and more than that, you actually have some salient talking points to rally around.

From the flippant:

(“Oh, did you see Krystal from Palms Middle School is sporting a mullet?”)


(“Eamon’s new girlfriend looks like her face got caught in a wind tunnel.”)

To the life-changing:

(“I love all the pictures you posted of your new baby – He’s absolutely perfect!”)


(“I read the status about your mom’s passing. I’m so sorry. What can I do to help?”)

Not only that, but since everyone and their mother — literally — seem to be using Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, if you’re a company or a consumer brand, then these are great outlets to get your message across to clients and prospective clients.

For instance, Facebook has over 800 million users.

I’ll repeat that: Facebook has over 800 million users. That is one banging party, people.

But, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, then does it make a sound?

Philosophy 101 was a long time ago, my friends, but I do know this: The more “likeable” your posts are, the more apt people are to share them on Facebook. In essence, if you put out great content, then your fans will do the work for you and your message will be heard.

According to Mashable, more than ever, now is a great time for companies and brands to open a Facebook page:

“When Facebook unveiled Timeline… many users were struck by the idea of humanizing your profile by summarizing your life and connections… Timeline may have a similar effect on brands as well. In fact, the brand benefits of Timeline could be huge, and will let companies tell a more engaging and authentic story.” (Mashable)

Yeah, of course traditional means of advertising are great, and should be used. Who doesn’t like a great billboard ad, or a catchy radio jingle? But at a fraction of the cost, companies and brands can engage with consumers (and potential consumers) through live updates, dynamic pictures, and relevant article and blog links.

In other words, your company or brand will seem more human when using this kind of digital media interface. And you sure don’t want to be left out of one helluva party.