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Throughout the week, we here at Pravda Media Group put on our helmets, grab our picks and head down to mine some interesting articles for you. We separate pieces of coal from real diamonds. And now that the weekend is approaching, here are the best articles we posted this week to read while you’re enjoying your morning coffee.

Who doesn’t love a fun party over the weekend? Planning a party is challenging and requires a lot of thinking about the people you are inviting, what kind of food to serve, etc. In this article, Jamie Fairbairn finds many similarities between Online Marketing and throwing a party. When inviting your friends to a party, you want to reach them on their preferred channel of communication. To help you do that here are 5 mobile marketing tools to reach your customers on the go.

What about some party games? How about 25 facts you didn’t know about social media? We are always up for a good quiz. Mingling at a party can be a lot of fun – who knows, you might even make some new connections. Here are some examples of online relationships that are simply a “tweet come true”.

If you want to keep the party going online (even after it’s over), check out 8 ways to use 8 ways to use Vine.

Before heading back to the mines, we would like to wish you all a great weekend filled with awesome parties. If you enjoyed our post and want to read more, visit our Tumblr or follow us on Twitter.