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[digg]  Every major company releases PRs. It is the most obvious step for marketers. In the last months I was talking with various market communication people about media strategy. While their eyes were shining when we discussed new methods to convey messages by using blogs and podcasts, most of them explained to me that they need to control the message of their company.

The basic mentality is “we say what we think and the rest (hopefully) listen” and “we control the media”.

Guys, don’t bother to learn about all these tools if you believe that you can implement press release tactics on social media tools. It won’t work. As simple as that. Social media tools are called like that because they are, well, social. And social means interaction. If you want to communicate differently, you have to think differently, talk differently and communicate interactively.

Don’t tell me about the rules of controlling media – because you never really did it. When people were saying bad things about your company in closed rooms, you couldn’t hear it. When people wrote negative opinions about your brand in forums, you needed to look for it. Now, with these tools you can really, but really know what people think about you, because they can leave comments on your posts, link them to their blogs and instantly interact with your message.

For that, like any other relationship, you have to give some in order to get some. The giving

is a bit more exposure, flexibility, and creativity.

You don’t have to do it. This is not an “innovate or die” post. You can easily send out another press release that will join the endless stream being dumped on the web and in newsletter. Why not? Your competitor is doing that, and you won’t get fired for another press release.

But you won’t be different either, won’t stick out in the crowd, won’t create added value to your brand. And maybe, just maybe, in this very minute, while you are reading this post, your competitors are having their pre-launch meeting for their new, slick social media strategy, while you are trying to figure out which quote to put first in your press release.

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