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radvision.gif Radvision is a publicly traded video conferencing company. Pravda Media was chosen to kick off Radvision’s corporate blogging project, define its strategy and provide on going support and training- all in full cooperation with the company’s evangelist, Tsahi Levent-Levi

Social media is all about commitment, and the recent case study I am doing with Radvision is a proof that enthusiastic employees, training, and long term activities brings value in the over hyped field of social media marketing.

I had the honor to consult Radvision with building a blog network based on their business units:

1. Code of Contact , written by Ran Arad, aimed at VoIP developers

2. Video over Enterprise , written by Sagee Ben Zedeff, aimed at enterprise collaboration decision makers

3. VoIP Survivor, written by Tsahi Levent Levi, the chief evangelist of this effort, which focuses about VoIP industry insights.

These blogs provide company information and general industry trends and analysis. The later helped establishing these blogs as industry resource, and not as a PR effort.

In the year since the project started, the company’s blogs provided value for both organization and writers:

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