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Content Marketing Experts Reveal Their Top Tips and Tools

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In this #B2BTalks video our panelists were asked to provide their top tools and tips, and they did not disappoint. Hear from the experts what essential tools and tips helped them reach success. Each panelist brings something unique to the discussion, and together they provide a must-have list for content marketers. The top tools and tips provided by the panelist include: More

My 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks

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Following Yosi’s request, here are my Facebook tips and tricks:

1. Be careful with whom you connect – so you can keep the network personal. When someone I don’t know asks to connect with me, I always email him/her and ask how do we know each other, and why should we connect. If I don’t get an answer, I ignore the request. This way I can feel comfortable with writing a status message such as “Kfir is having a bad day” without feeling, well, bad.

2. Create groups in areas that are not saturated, and you can add value to the community – when I signed up for Facebook, I felt that there is a need for a Vloggers group. So I’ve opened one, and reviewed it periodically. I’ve met a lot of interesting people through this group, BUT

3. Don’t nag people in the group too much – this is Facebook, not Ning. Learn from Chris Brogan’s Grasshoppers experience.

4. Choose the applications you use carefully – don’t Myspace your Facebook profile. I check all the applications I find, but I am very careful with the ones I keep on my profile.

5. Invite your friends only to useful or fun applications – and no, Zombie is not one of them

6. Constantly review the groups you are member of, and engage in the discussions there. Nothing new here – this is a social network, so, be social.

7. Try to be a member of up to 30 groups – so people can see what are your topics of interest.

8. Initiate discussion threads between your friends – but don’t spam them. This is a great way to create a conversation with your friends not only you are talking with people you like, you are also helping them to connect amongst themselves. Did we mention that this is a social network?

9. Make your profile interesting to read – I invested a lot of time in creating a profile that not only provides information but make people read it through. Applications like iRead, friends wheel, flixster, and wordpress plugin (if you have a blog) bring my profile to life.

10. The most important tip of all – use it as a part of your social media toolbox – mesh it up with your blog, create events that are relevant to your day to day live, share your posts and video material and so on. it is like a snowball effect – one effort feeds the other and increase the impact of your online and offline social activities.

How do YOU use Facebook? What are YOUR tips and tricks?

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