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Everyone is psyched about Twitter:

But where Google Fails, Twitter is the answer

For me, Twitter is a great enhancement for Google. Google is great for finding basic info on the net. But when it comes to long in-depth answers, that represent deep knowledge on a subject, Google Search just doesn’t cut it anymore. A great example is editing. When I have an issue with HDV format and Final Cut Pro, Google finds for me the key forums that discuss this topic, but I still need to go through threads and look for the specific answer to my question.
But now we have Twitter for such things.

Here is how I use it:

1. Twit a question – “Do you know how to solve xyz? DM me”

2. Create your experts pool – as an avid TweetDeck user, I love the fact they integrated Twitter search in their client. I have a constant live search on keywords related to my interest topics, that I scan periodically. When I see someone asking a question in my field of expertise I answer it, even if I don’t know the user. I also follow the most active users discussing this topic. Till now these methods helped me to solve almost every problem I’ve encountered, not to mention the added value of  connecting with some of the most brilliant and social minds in the industry.

How do you use Twitter to find experts?

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