Marketing Technology

Which Marketing Technology Will You Invest In?

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In today’s marketing ecosystems there is an abundance of technologies and tools to help with everyday tasks – the problem is to know which ones are worth the investment. Luckily, our #B2BTalks panel tackles that very question. More

#B2BTalks – Call for Speakers

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B2B doesn’t have to mean boring-to-boring

We are gearing up for our next #B2BTalks event on November 8, and we want to hear from you. We want to be inspired, and that’s why we’re looking for speakers who have worked on an innovative B2B marketing campaign, or an initiative that significantly improved workflow, to share their work with us. More

Tips from eBay, Alooma and Pravda Media Group: How to Turn Your Organization to a Data Driven Powerhouse

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data-natives-panelCreating data driven organizations is tough. It is not only about technology, dashboards and budgets. It’s about changing the way people work and make decisions, and convincing management to invest in it.

At this year’s Data Natives conference in Tel Aviv, I shared the stage with Omer Kehat, who is leading the Structured Data Analytics Group in eBay, and Dan-ya Shwartz, Data Scientist and Growth Expert at Alooma, discussing this challenge and ways to overcome it. More

Recipe for Success: The Technology Behind the Scenes

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In this installment of #B2BTalks, our panel discusses what technologies they are using behind the scenes in order to be able to track and attribute revenue to a meaningful marketing activity. More