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The Secret to Going Viral: Why BuzzFeed Has 8x More Readers Than the New York Times

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It’s happened to you before. You post a status to Facebook and, unexpectedly, it takes off. Instead of the usual 5 or 10 likes, you get 50 or 100. You find yourself checking Facebook a little too often and each time you are thrilled to see another comment or share. Eventually, though, the attention peters out. You find yourself thinking, “I’d like to do that again!” But to your surprise, it’s not so easy. More

Huffington Post, Social Distribution and the next big thing

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Huffington Post, the forward thinking media company, released what they called “social news”, and what we will call “Facebook connect integration in a website”. Users can now log in to the site with their Facebook credentials, post their comments on HP article on their wall, and subscribe to their favorite bloggers.

This move is brilliant, as it harnesses reader’s social graph for Huffington Post’s benefit – and increases engagement and exposure to its content. I’ve registered yesterday to the service, wrote a comment on an article, and received responses on this article on my Facebook profile – from people that never read or even heard about Huffington Post.

Gigya, one of my favorite startups, is making this process even easier, with their socialize platform, which provides a unified API to various social networks.

I am still amazed to see that only small number of media companies are harnessing Facebook Connect and Twitter API as a mean to increase exposure and virality of their content. I hope that Huffington Post will publish a study that will show if their latest move increased exposure.

Social distribution, the harnessing of social graphs for media distribution, is the most important opportunity for media companies in the near future. Is your media company ready for the challenge?

5 links on The future of Advertising and Businesswomen

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DJ Francis is reminding us why we are here

Huffington Post interviews Alex Bogusky about the future of advertisement. Yes. THE Alex Bogusky

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Erica Douglas written a post about lack of women in IT

And a list of 45 creative blog tag lines

Women in Media – Kathryn Jones

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Women in Media Project profiles influential, decision making and visionary women in the new media business. Our first profile is Kathryn Velvel Jones, from For Your Imagination. Why is she on the list? Read to find out.

  Kathryn Velvel Jones.jpgWho Are You and What do you do? My name is Kathryn Velvel Jones and I am currently the Vice President of Branded and Sponsored Entertainment at For Your Imagination, a leading online media studio which develops, markets and distributes high-quality original Internet TV and web video series. More