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Corporate blogging is increasingly becoming a low cost alternative to traditional marketing tools. However, many projects fail, due to lack of understanding of the medium.

What are the 4 key steps for a successful corporate blogging project?

1. Management support– corporate blogging, unlike search engine marketing, doesn’t lead instantly to direct purchase of services. It also requires time and effort from the key people in the organization – usually the brightest are the ones who are interesting to read. Therefore, top management should support the corporate blogging initiative, or it will lose steam and fail.

2. An evangelist – in every company there is a person who s passionate about writing, blogging or social media in general. This is the person that will push the effort internally – and it is very important to give him/her incentives and support. Did I mention Management support?

3. Commitment – social media activities, including blogging, take time to take off and provide tangible results. They are also increase their value over time, as more people are exposed to the blog, write comments and become part of the interaction with the company.

4. Integration with traditional marketing efforts – in case your corporate blog is for marketing purposes – integrate it with your overall marketing program. This way you increase the overall value of both your blog and your traditional marketing activities.