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One of my favorite podcasts is Meet The Experts by Pixel Heads Networks. The reason is simple – the value to noise ratio here is huge. Almost every episode taught me about a product or workflow I should know about, and at least once affected my buying decision. So, I took the opportunity to interview Marcelo Lewin, the guy behind this and other shows for digital media creators.

What’s Pixel Heads Network? Which shows are a part of the network and who is their target audience?

Pixel Heads Network is a Internet Media Network dedicated web shows for digital media creators. We create shows that entertain, educate and inform digital media creators. Currently we have 5 shows:

Meet The Experts, is a show were we interview experts in new media and we go indepth on topics that affect new media and digital media creators.

EXPOzed covers all the expo shows, including NAB, Macworld, CES, HD Expo, DV Expo, plus many others. We interview all the vendors with in-depth questions on their products.

Digital Media Quick Tips is focused on the “how-to” for digital media creators. We show you how use a variety of different applications and get in-depth on the topics. We usually start with a problem (e.g. How do you capture AVCHD on Final Cut Pro) and end with a solution.

Tame The Tube concentrates on YouTube and how video producers can harness its power for media distribution and marketing.

And Mac-411 which is dedicated to Mac users showing them how to use the thousands of applications that are available for the Mac.

Wow, pretty impressive. Many podcasters can’t make a living out of this hobby – is this your full time job, or just a part time thing?

PHN was a part time thing (along with my full time job) until December, when it was acquired by a company called ProMAX Systems, which provides digital media solutions to digital media creators (e.g. Full systems for video editing, web development, audio engineering, etc.). Our match was made in heaven. We both complement each other and have the same customer. Now that we are part of ProMAX, we will continue to provide quality shows (and remain fully editorially independent from what ProMAX sells) to both our viewers and the ProMAX customer base. And our viewers now will have access to purchasing the best digital media solutions anywhere.

How do you gain access to all those great people in your podcasts?

It’s funny because many people always ask me this. But I have one rule in life. Ask. Just ask. What’s the worst that can happen when you ask? You get denied and you move on. What’s the best that can happen when you ask? They say yes! Besides that, another great thing I learned is to make friends and treat PR people real well. Why? Usually, you have to go through a PR representative to get to a CEO or COO or high profile person. If you do a good job with them and then you do a terrific job with the interview, the person you interview usually tells their PR person it was great. Then the PR person usually will get back to you and offer you other people they represent. It’s all about building relationships with people, treating people fairly and right.

How do you work with advertisers and sponsors? What are their main concerns? How do you address them?

Advertisers are moving away from traditional media and moving many of their dollars into new media. The target market we go after, digital media creators, are usually well educated, affluent people, so it doesn’t take that much to convince a vendor that provides digital media creation tools to sponsor our shows. Our viewers are their potential (or even current) customers. It is very important, though, that you know who your audience is, and be able to define it properly and, have enough statistics to show a potential sponsor who your audience is, what they are watching, the # of views per video, etc. Also, if you can get a high profile sponsor (even if you charge them very little or even nothing), it will help you in the future get other sponsors. No one ever wants to be the first one…but if they see others are in on it, they’ll jump right in.

Now that you guy(s) were bought how would your network operate?

Now that we are part of ProMAX, my title changed from CEO of Pixel Heads Network to General Manager of Pixel Heads Network and also Director of Interactive Media for ProMAX. My responsibilities will continue to be the same for PHN, but I will take on additional responsibilities managing all the aspects of interactive media for ProMAX including all eMarketing efforts. It’s definitely an exciting time and I look forward to continue to bring quality content to digital media creators while at the same time, working in an environment (ProMAX) which highly values digital media creators!

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